All Ages:

We cater for all ages from Primary, Secondary school students to young  Adults.

Lessons designed for you:

Lessons are specifically designed to meet and enhance your talents and abilities, and provide performing and recording opportunities.

All Styles:

All styles are covered such as Rock, R & B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggae, Jazz & World Music.

African Drumming and Latin Percussion studies are also available.

(Click Here for Drum Workshop page).

Set Your Own Goals:

If you want to improve your rhythm skills on your instrument for your band, sit for an AMEB exam or just want or learn to play popular tunes for hobby and fun, we can help you achieve your goal.


Students have the opportunity to record their work in our fully equipped recording studio. VET Music Industry skills in performance and Technical Production are also available for students wanting more practical on-hands work experience in our studio. Please call for more details.

Student Music Concert: Photo Gallery

Our annual Music concert gives an opportunity for students to prepare musical pieces which they have been working on during the year and perform on stage in-front of their family and friends.

It’s a great way for students to display their skills and hidden talents to others.

Our motto is “ Making Music Learning Fun, Challenging & Rewarding”

Drums - More info

Students learn Technical skills, Sight reading, Beats and drum fills.

We encourage students to learn how to read a drum chart and perform it. Listen and analyze various drumming styles and apply that to their drumming skills.

Drum Workshops - More info

Our Drum Ensemble classes held every month are a great way for students to get to know each other and work as a team in our

African Drumming and Latin Percussion studies (see Drum workshop page).

Bass - To Bass Page:

We offer instruction in Electric bass.

Bass as part of a rhythm section.

Bass as a solo instrument.

Guitar - To Guitar Page:

From rhythm guitar to lead guitar.

From groove playing to soloing.

From Acoustic guitar to electric guitar.

We cover all styles.

Music Technology - To Music Technology:

We offer electronic music production to beginners to advanced music makers in our Music Technology course. Choose one that suits you.

VET Music Certificate II, III, & IV in Music and Technical Production are also offered for those who want to further their studies to VCE or TAFE.

Students have the opportunity to record their work in our fully equipped recording studio.



Beat Factor Music provides Tuition in Drums, Guitar, Bass & Music Technology.


        “Making learning music fun, challenging & rewarding”



‘Move to the beat’

Lessons Week nights, Friday Daytime

& Saturday mornings


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